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About our company
LLC "Belcryptostock" develops its own software, transferring the rights to the created intellectual property to clients under licensing agreements, and also develops according to customer orders.

LLC "Belcryptostock"
HTP resident
The technological specialization of the company is the development of software components for storing digital currencies (cryptocurrency wallet), software solutions for cryptocurrency processing (processing payments in cryptocurrencies), software solutions for exchanging and trading crypto and fiat currencies - a cryptoexchange.

For software production, the company uses the following main development process methodologies: Kanban and SCRUM.

Company employees possess the necessary technologies for product development:
- Objective C / Swift for iOS;
- RxJava / Kotlin for Android;
- Python and Django Framework for developing server components;
- ReactJS and Angular as FrontEnd frameworks.
Technical details
The system is implemented using the Python programming language and the ReactJS library. PostgreSQL is used as a DBMS.

Exchange components are assembled and deployed using Docker technology. This system is highly loaded, so it is designed using a micro-service architecture and CQRS (command-query responsibility segregation) templates. The system uses TradingView HTML components to display trading charts.

As a message broker, a proprietary solution developed using Redis and is used. Vault by HashiCorp is used to store private keys that control access to wallets. For unit testing, the built-in unittest module is used. Atlassian products - Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Octopus are used as a tool for deployment and CI.

The developed software for a digital wallet with a built-in exchange and an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies can be viewed on the website.
Digital wallet
Client module - third-party solution integration implemented. Allows you to conduct customer surveys in order to comply with the principles of "Know Your Customer" and "Anti-money laundering", receive the necessary user documents (passport, driver's license, bank statement, etc.). User registration and authorization with e-mail validation, two-factor authentication (using Google Authenticator) and the ability to restrict access by IP-addresses or a block of IP-addresses.

Trading module - includes a board of currency pairs available for trading, charts of rate movements and market depths with the possibility of technical analysis (integration of the TradingView solution), an exchange order book with user orders, the ability to place orders, as well as a log of the user's active orders. A quick exchange by market order is available.

The system supports the operation of any currency pairs: crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat and fiat-fiat. Integrated: BTC, ETH, USDT and own stablecoin EURE, based on ERC-20. Integration of additional cryptocurrencies is possible.

Control module for your stablecoin (smart contract, issue, redemption, burning)

Cryptocurrency payment module - allows you to deposit and withdraw user funds in cryptocurrency through built-in processing. Full automation in generating addresses for user deposits - manual moderation of addresses is not required.

Fiat payment module - allows you to deposit and withdraw user funds in fiat currencies on-line (through integration with the payment system required by the customer) and off-line (through bank transfer).

Integration of accepting Master and Visa cards.

Personal account module - the user sees the balances of funds, all completed transactions, can change profile data, passwords, security settings, etc.

Back Office Module - user settings, limits, withdrawal management, registration, etc.

Our advantages
Every day we work hard to make our customers' lives better and happier.
Public API and Private API of the exchange allow using trading bots and connecting other programs for robots.
Support for modern tablet devices for managing transactions and trading торгов. Adaptation for mobile devices.
The ability to carry out mailing lists has been implemented. Subscription for unauthorized.
Implemented languages: Russian, English. Integration of additional languages is possible upon request.
Integrated analytics system for metrics of exchange visits from Google Analytics.
Multilevel referral program.
Integration with KYC solution.
Integration with a third party exchange.
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